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How to Vote in the 2022 Primary Elections

Election Day: Tuesday, May 17th

In 2022, North Carolina will elect several federal and statewide offices, including US Senate and House of Representatives, NC General Assembly, and the NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The Primary Election in the spring allows us to pick who we’d like to see on the final ballot in November.

Any registered voter can vote in the NC Primary Election.  Voters registered with a party will be given that party’s ballot.  If a voter is registered as unaffiliated, the voter can choose which party’s ballot to vote.

NOTE: May 17th is also a Municipal Election day for some towns and cities. Find more information on Municipal Elections here.


#1 – Check that You’re Registered to Vote

In order to vote in North Carolina, you must be registered.  Before each election, you should always check that your registration is current and correct.

Sometimes voters are removed from the rolls, and you don’t want to wait until Election Day to find out that your registration is not current!

👉🏾 Check your voter registration here

If you’re not registered or you need to update your registration because of a move or name change, see full instructions here.

#2 – Lookup What’s on Your Ballot

The offices and candidates that are up for election vary depending on where you live in North Carolina.  If you’d like to see what will be on your ballot before you go vote, you can view your sample ballot online ahead of time.

👉🏾 Click here for instructions to look up your Sample Ballot.

💡 Remember, you can take a print list or a list on your phone into the polling place when you vote to help you remember who you want to vote for.

How to vote in the 2020 NC Election

#3 – Make a Plan & Vote!

You have several options for how and when to vote. Make your voting plan now.

Choose 1 of these 3 Ways to Vote:

  1. Vote by Mail (Absentee)
  2. Vote during Early Voting
  3. Vote on Election Day

(See below for details).

How to vote in the 2020 NC Election


Option 1 – Vote by Mail (Absentee Voting)

Deadline to submit an Absentee Ballot: Election Day, Tuesday, May 17th by 5 PM

Any voter can vote by mail in North Carolina – you do NOT need a special reason.

To vote by mail, you need to complete an Absentee Ballot Request. The easiest way is to request online by clicking here, or you can download the paper form to mail to your County Board of Elections. Either way, your request must be received by the May 10th deadline at 5 PM.

Then a ballot will be mailed to you.  You must fill out your ballot and return it – in person or by mail – to your County Board of Elections by 5 PM on Election Day (or make sure it is postmarked by 5 PM on Election Day and arrives at your county Board of Elections by 5 PM the Friday after Election Day).

👉🏾 See full instructions on Absentee Voting in NC here.

Option 2 – Vote during Early Voting (One-Stop Voting)

Early Voting Period: Thursday, April 28 to Saturday, May 14 at 3 PM

You can vote early during the 17-day period before Election Day.  Early Voting is a great way to avoid long lines and access more flexible voting hours and locations!

💡 Unlike on Election Day, you CAN register or update your registration on-site the same day you vote AND you can vote at ANY Early Voting site in your county.

👉🏾 Click here to find information on the days, hours, and locations for Early Voting in your county.

Option 3 – Vote on Election Day

Election Day: Tuesday, May 17th

On Election Day, you must vote at your assigned voting location (precinct) in order to have your full ballot count. Polls are open from 6:30 am – 7:30 pm. If you are in line by 7:30 pm the location has to stay open until you vote.

⚠️ Unlike during Early Voting, you CAN NOT vote at other voting locations and still have your full ballot count, and you must already be registered at your current address (there is no on-site registration).  If you have problems, call 888-687-8683 for assistance. 

👉🏾 Click here for instructions to look up your Election Day voting location & sample ballot.