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A photo ID is now required to vote in NC beginning with the municipal elections in the fall of 2023, but there are exceptions! See the NC Board of Elections info on Voter ID here.
Voting questions? Call the non-partisan voter information hotline at 888-OUR-VOTE.

Your non-partisan resource for voting in North Carolina

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Important Dates

September 12
Election Day for municipalities with September partisan primaries
Oct. 10
Election Day in municipalities with October elections
Nov. 7
Election Day for municipalities with November elections

Be an unstoppable voter.

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Don't know where to start?

Find answers to your questions in our interactive guide.
Let's Go!

Make sure you're registered.

Check your registration to make sure it’s current or learn how to register here — online or by mail!

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On the Ballot

The issues you care about are on the ballot, and your vote can make a difference. In fact, just 1 vote decided who won close contests in more than 30 North Carolina cities in 2021. Check out our resources to learn more about what's on your ballot this election.