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2022 Municipal Elections

Many cities and towns across North Carolina are currently scheduled to elect local offices in the spring and summer of 2022.

Next Municipal Election Date: July 26, 2022

👉🏾To look up your municipal election, see this Municipal Election Lookup Tool on the NC State Board of Elections website.

How are municipal election dates determined? They are set according to the election method as outlined by N.C. General Statutes, a local act of the General Assembly, and/or municipal charters. To learn about election methods, see the State Board of Elections’ information on Types of Elections: Municipal Elections.

Your Vote Matters Even More in 2022

Care about racial injustice and police conduct? Affordable housing? Taxes, transportation, public safety, and the cost of utilities? Your mayor and city council have a big influence on policies that affect your life. Most cities have elections this year, and a few hundred votes may determine who wins or loses. Many school boards are also holding elections, determining who cares for our kids amid COVID. 

All elections matter, but typically only a small number of people vote in an off-year election. So raise your voice this year!

Your Ballot and Precinct

When the election gets closer, your precinct and sample ballot will be posted.

You can look up your sample ballot and your Election Day voting precinct through a three-step process on the State Board of Elections voter lookup tool.  We provide instructions on how to complete this process through the link below.

👉🏾Click here for instructions to look up your sample ballot.


👉🏾Click here to view non-partisan Voter Guides by city with responses from the candidates on issues you care about.

Early Voting

Early Voting is a great way to avoid long lines, access more flexible voting hours and locations, and have a chance to register or update your registration on-site.  Dates for Early Voting in 2022 will vary depending on which city and county you live in.

When the election gets closer, locations, days, and hours for Early Voting will be posted.

👉🏾See our Early Voting page for more details.