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Early Voting

Why use Early Voting?

Avoid long lines, access more flexible voting hours and locations, and have a chance to register or update your registration on site by using Early Voting.

When is Early Voting?

Early Voting days begin on a Wednesday 19 days before your Election Day and end on the Friday before Election Day. Some counties offer Saturday or even some Sunday hours, but many are only open on weekdays.

In 2019, different cities and towns have different Election Days.

Not sure when your Election Day is? See our Municipal Elections page here.

How do I find my Early Voting sites?

Some cities had their Election Day on October 8th, so all the information you will find below is for municipalities with their Election Day on November 5th.

You can look up your Early Voting locations for the November 5th Election via the N.C. State Board of Elections Locator Module

We hear from a lot of people that the N.C. State Board of Elections Early Voting “look up” isn’t always easy to navigate. So, before sending you to the North Carolina Board of Elections’ Early Voting Locator module, we ask that you please read the following instructions to find your county’s Early Voting options:

#1 — Click here to open the N.C. Board of Election “One-Stop Site Locator.”

#2 — Select your county from the drop-down menu listed on the above site.

# 3 — Click “Find sites.”

#  4 — A list and map of the sites in your county will appear. Click the name of your preferred site (for example, the one closest to your home or work) to see the Early Voting hours available at that site.

That’s it ~ please share this page with friends and family so they can find their Early Voting options too!