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What’s on my ballot?

We’re here to help.

See the resources below for (1) how to view your sample ballot online, (2) non-partisan voter guides to see where the candidates stand on key issues, and (3) a “What’s on the Ballot” handout with information on how different elected offices affect your everyday life.

#1 - Your Sample Ballot

The State Board of Elections provides each registered voter with a sample of what their ballot will look like in the upcoming election, including all offices and candidates up for election this cycle. Click here for instructions to look up your sample ballot.

#2 - Non-Partisan Voter Guides

Wondering where candidates stand on key issues you care about? Check out these non-partisan voter guides for the 2021 Municipal Elections to learn more about the offices up for election this year and what stances the candidates take on important issues.

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#3 - What's on my Ballot Handout

Wondering what impact these different elected offices have on your everyday life? Our "What's on the ballot?" handout will give you an overview of why each office is important and how it affects you! Share with your friends.