There will be NO PHOTO ID required to vote by mail or in-person for the 2020 Primary. See the latest on the law here.
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What’s on my ballot?

2020 elections are about so much more than the President. With an early North Carolina primary, it’s important for folks who care about voting and elections to kick off the year with good information that will engage and motivate voters in their community to vote all the way down the ballot, including state and local offices.

We’re here to help.

See the resources below for (1) how to view your sample ballot online, (2) a helpful handout with an overview of the offices up for election this year, and (3) a non-partisan voter guide to see where the candidates stand on key issues.

#1 - Your Sample Ballot

Click here to for instructions to look up your sample ballot and election day precinct.

#2 - "What's on the Ballot?" Handout

Download our informational handout about what offices will be on your ballot this year and why they matter.

#3 - Non-Partisan Voter Guide

Wondering where candidates stand on key issues you care about? Check out this non-partisan voter guide for the 2020 Primary Election from Disability Rights NC to learn more about the statewide offices up for election in your area and what stances the candidates take on important issues, particularly related to disability rights.