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A photo ID is now required to vote in NC beginning with the municipal elections in the fall of 2023, but there are exceptions! See the NC Board of Elections info on Voter ID here.
Voting questions? Call the non-partisan voter information hotline at 888-OUR-VOTE.

When is Election Day for the 2023 NC Municipal Elections?

In 2023, many cities and towns across NC will hold elections for their local offices and issues. Your Election Day depends upon your city or town.

Tuesday, September 12 - Election Day for municipalities with September partisan primaries (Charlotte & Sanford)

Tuesday, October 10 - Election Day in municipalities with October elections

Tuesday, November 7 - Election Day for municipalities with November elections

2023 Municipal Election Lookup

Look up your county to see if you have a local election this year.
Lookup my County

Look Up Your Local Election by County

Click your county in the map below to see if you have a local election in 2023 and when your election day is (or look up your county on a list here).
Map provided by the NC State Board of Elections.

You Now Need an ID to Vote in NC

You now need to show an NC driver's license or other "acceptable photo ID" to vote with a regular ballot. However, you have other options if you do not have the acceptable forms of photo ID, such as completing an ID Exception Form and submitting a provisional ballot during in-person voting (see acceptable ID exceptions here).

Where can I vote on Election Day?

You must vote at your assigned polling place. This is different than the Early Voting locations. 

★ PRO-TIP If you go to the wrong polling place and don’t have time to get to the right place, ask for a provisional ballot.

Find Your Polling Place

You can look up your polling place using the NC State Board of Elections voter lookup tool.
Find My Polling Place

How Can I Vote Early?

Avoid long lines, vote on a weekday, and have the option to register on site!  Early Voting offers many advantages over voting on Election Day.

Early Voting lasts 17 days and ends on the Saturday before Election Day.

Find an Early Voting site in your county

Look up Early Voting sites and hours by county here. Note: some counties don't offer Early Voting for the 2023 Local Elections.
Find My Early Voting Sites

How Can I Vote by Mail (Absentee)?

Any registered NC voter an vote by mail.  You do not need a special reason or excuse.

Request your absentee ballot by 5 PM on the Tuesday one week before Election Day.

Learn more about absentee voting.

Find deadlines, forms, and all the information you need to know to vote by mail.
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For the latest on where or how to vote, call the non-partisan voter assistance hotline at 888-OUR-VOTE.